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Summer Research Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Summer Research Symposia

At the end of the summer 2021 term, the work of about 60 student researchers was featured at one of three symposia.

Approximately 60 students presented at our Summer 2021 Symposium after conducting 10-week research appointments in 11 different WSU labs. Hailing from 35 different colleges and universities, this remarkable group overcame significant obstacles to make these opportunities possible. A total of 22 students elected to live on the Pullman campus to do their work in person, while the rest worked remotely in response to the pandemic. Their research topics ranged from interdisciplinary studies in STEM education, waves in physics, wearable computing, plant cell biology, phenomics, and atmospheric chemistry, among others.

The symposium is the capstone experience where student researchers showcase their summer work at WSU. It offers them opportunities to talk to fellow researchers and their guests about the wide variety of work that has been completed over the past several weeks.

Attending Summer 2021 Symposia

Our summer 2021 symposia were virtually hosted on the Zoom platform. An overview of symposia scheduling is shown below. Please consult our Presentation Schedules page for detailed information on the projects our students presented across each of the three days on which the symposia took place. You can learn about the labs whose students presented at these symposia on our Summer Research Programs page.

Symposia Scheduling Overview

Learn More About Our Students’ Work

Download a copy of the Summer 2021 Symposia Abstract Book (PDF). Covert art of the Summer Undergraduate Research Abstract Book 2021. Brought to you by the Office of Undergraduate Research at Washington State University.