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Submit Your Abstract

Looking to download the presentation slides for the 2017 “How to Write an Abstract” workshop? Click/tap the thumbnail images below.
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Abstract Submission Form 2018

Use this form to submit your abstract for the Summer Research Symposium. Note: the submission deadline is Monday, July 16, 2018.

(Note: * indicates a required field.)

  • Your co-authors are those people who contributed to the research you are presenting at the symposium. They are the ones who deserve credit along with you for the advancement in knowledge that your research represents.

    • Enter one name per row in First Last format, e.g. Jordan Smith. Use the (+) symbol to add additional rows.
    • List the names from top to bottom in the same order as they will appear on your poster from left to right.
    • We assume you are the first author, so there is no need to list yourself.
    • Please be sure to include your mentor as appropriate.
    Add a new row
  • In up to 300 words, describe your research in language understandable by a general audience. Please check and correct any special characters or formatting (e.g. subscripts, superscripts, bold text, line breaks, etc.) before submitting.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.